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Siren Digital Facebook Marketing Az-Tech Edinburgh
Client: Az-Tech
Skill: Facebook community building, social media, email marketing & digital PR

Az-Tech was a dance music event that ran from 2007 to 2011 in Edinburgh. The event took place in Edinburgh’s best-kept secret, a vaulted space under the South Bridge called The Caves (featured in DJ Mag’s ‘Top 100 Clubs in the World’ 2010 and 2011). The event targeted underground dance music fans between the ages of 18-40 and focused particularly on the student community as its primary market.

The key digital channels chosen to promote Az-Tech were Facebook, Myspace (the social networking platform for music that has now been overtaken by music sharing network Soundcloud), local online chat forums and digital PR.

I immediately set up a Facebook fan page and profile and got to work building a community on Facebook to spread awareness of the event, pushing out relevant content around the guest DJs that were booked for the next event, such as DJ mixes, free downloads, interviews and competitions for merchandise and tickets to the club night. This strategy was repeated on Myspace and content was shared on online forums to spread the word on a local basis.

I built up a wide network of followers for the event by being highly responsive to our followers’ needs and ensuring that fresh content (photos, video footage) was published after every event. One of our most effective tactics was to enable revellers to tag themselves and their friends in photos, resulting in greater reach for Az-Tech, more connections for the Facebook profile and increased interest in the event. Facebook was found to be extremely effective as an enhanced tool for word of mouth and soon overtook print as our primary channel for marketing the event.

Interviews and mixes from up and coming guests were featured on dance music blogs and on local news websites, increasing exposure for the event in the niche we were targeting. Email marketing was used to stay front of mind with loyal fans and we built a ‘members’ mailing list of over 500 fans, who were offered discounts to every event.

The launch night was a resounding success and the Az-Tech team ran 28 successful events over four years, building a dedicated following and selling out the final event.

Results achieved were: Over 2,000 connections on the Facebook profile; over 300 attendees to the launch night; 500+ people to the final event; 200% return on investment for the club promoters