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You may only need help in one of these key areas, or your goals might demand a more integrated, end-to-end approach. But from one-off projects to ongoing support, my digital marketing services are flexible enough to meet a wide range of requirements. Even if you’re unsure about what service can help you achieve your goals, I can help you find a solution.

Whatever your needs, the first step is the same: just get in touch.

Internet Marketing Strategy

With the right mix of channels, messages and approach, you can unlock the full potential of digital marketing for your business. At the heart of it all lies a comprehensive strategy – clearly defining your goals, targeting your markets and identifying opportunities.

Social Media

Expand your network of loyal customers and create a buzz around your brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, your blog and more. Plan and deliver great content across all your social media channels, and invite better communication with your customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Be found by those who are looking for your product or service. Optimise your website for search engines and maintain a great user experience. Gain quality links that improve your site's visibility and ensure you out-rank the competition.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you’re going to advertise, make sure you’re paying for results. With PPC, your brand will be seen by the people you’re aiming for – but you only pay when they express their interest with a click.

Email Marketing

Stay front of mind with your existing customers by feeding them regular content that lets them know they are valued. Plan and deliver high impact, eye catching marketing messages that bring a large return for a small cost.

Web Analytics

Web analytics tell us how well your website and marketing activity is performing based on real customer data. Analytics gives you valuable insights about your customers that enable you to find better ways of meeting their needs.

And all the rest…

Of course, I’m not a specialist in everything. But wherever there are areas where I can’t offer expertise, I can offer a network of trusted partners. So if you’re just starting up, I can introduce you to branding professionals to create your corporate identity, or the IT experts who can offer hosting and electronic security support. If your marketing campaign goes beyond digital channels, I can suggest traditional advertising specialists. And if you need help building a new website, I can recommend the designers and copywriters to create the platform we can build on together.

If you’re not sure who or what you need, just ask.


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