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For many SMEs and start-ups, the commercial value of social media can be greatly underestimated – the question often being whether to invest time and money in it. But if your target markets are using these platforms, social media is an opportunity that you should not ignore.

Conversations online can be just as important as those in person. Sometimes, even more important. With effective use of social media, you can open dialogue, build a community around your brand and engage with a much wider audience.

Social media takes careful time and attention, but when you get it right, it can become an incredibly powerful online tool – like word of mouth, but supercharged.

Initially, I can introduce you to the different platforms, show you the benefits and abilities of each and helping you decide which is most relevant to your business. From there, I can set up your social profiles, ensuring that everything is on brand, before getting to work on building your networks.

Beyond the initial stages, social media is something that demands ongoing attention – with regular content to grab your followers’ and friends’ attention. But with my training on how to get the most from these platforms, a little-and-often approach can pay amazing dividends. And, if you’d prefer to leave it all to the professional, I’ll be happy to manage your social media presence on your behalf.

I design and implement campaigns on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Many more


There’s no off-the-shelf social media solution. So to find out how to make it work for your business, get in touch.

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