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Client: Competex Ltd
Skill: business development, CRM and content management:

Competex Ltd is a specialist firm of accountants for consultants and interim managers, based in Reigate, Surrey.

As a company that had been facing stiff competition in the accounting field for some years, and with the smartphone wave now firmly taking hold, it was decided in April 2012 that it was necessary to move the entire client acquisition process from paper format to digital.

A large project was on Competex’s hands to install the relevant forms on the company website, update all client-facing communications to email, update the relevant company databases and install a fully functioning Customer Relationship Management system to handle the new electronic data that was coming in. This required a shift in culture within the company and required the administration and marketing teams to work closely together to implement the changes that were taking place. Amy project managed the process.

Work was also done on restructuring the sales team to ensure that the increased number of leads generated were effectively converted into paying clients.

The project resulted in a 300% increase in sales in the following year, despite increasing competition from accountants targeting the same market segments. The conversion rate of generated leads increased by 20%.

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